I am legend

A resolution to several difficulties presented in the film, I Am Legend, given in the form of a single sentence; and representing my feelings about this film and all others like it, in which pets are killed in a graphic manner rather than children:

Leash laws exist for a reason, you assholes.

Interesting link of the day:
Not surprisingly, black people are more likely to be tasered by the Houston police than other groups. And surprisingly, Latino cops are more likely to taser latino suspects, then white or black ones! Talk about machismo. This study has some interesting aspects, of which this is only one. (Suspects who are under 30 are more likely to be tasered, too.)

And another study shows that young women don’t use condoms mostly because they’re afraid their partner won’t enjoy it as much. WTH. One in four teens have an STD these days. Think about all the herpes sores hiding under those crappy big-belly t-shirt dresses…ugh.