head tattoos, and pirate skeletons!

I worked on some friends yesterday. FUN!

It was my day “off”, so I worked on my best friend, her brother, and another very close friend of mine…

It was a great day. I even put on my mp3 player and we listened to the most epic playlist I’ve ever made, all damn day long.

At one point I serenaded my friend with a Stevie Nicks song while tattooing the center of his head.

I also haven’t seen my best friend in a while so getting to hang out with her was awesome.

We’ve both been a bit reclusive lately so have only been in touch online and on the phone.

It’s the one problem with living where I do right now- my best friend is an hour away. On my way home last night my car got stuck in the snow on marys peak, too, and I had to chain up just to pull it off the road…and hitch a ride home from my partner in his four-wheel drive. So there are downfalls to my woodsy life. Worth it though- and the days when I DO see my friends I am so glad.

A few finished-product photos after the jump.

head tattoo, eye with geometryskeleton tattoo with violin

if you see my reflection in a snow covered hill