first tattoos, small tattoos.

can I just say that I absolutely love doing someone’s first tattoo. I become part of their life story in such a huge way, doing that. I love working on my big regular clients, on collectors, and on people who do tattoos. but I also LOVE people who are just dipping their toes in for the first time.
they have a lot of trust in me. they’re not only trusting me with the art, like anyone does-they’re trusting me to initiate then into this whole new mode of expression, a new way to think about themselves and their bodies.


I do a lot of simple, smaller things. these may not be the most impressive things to photograph- to get famous for, to show off. but I think for me they’re really satisfying because almost everyone gets another tattoo- I mean everyone, actually. everyone eventually gets another one. usually quite a few more. and I feel like I’m a doorway for them to that.

if I can make someone feel safe, happy, and ease their worries about…not being cool enough, or whatever nervous stuff they have before they come in…if I can make them realize it’s ok, they’ll feel good about getting more tattoos. about walking into tattoo shops and about talking to artists.

if I can look them in the eye and befriend them, they’re not going to be scared next time. if I can explain how we do what we do, they’re not going to think everything is like a TV show…they’re going to realize drama is minimal, connection is important, and the smallest tattoo means a lot to us too.


I love you guys. ALL of you guys.