candy arm

candy armjellyfishNot the best or biggest photo.

Every once in a while someone has an idea that’s just so funny, or cute, that I get really happy to tattoo it. Jo’s candy arm is like that, every time I’ve tattooed her I get all happy inside. Maybe it’s the sugar rush? Or just because she’s an awesome person who makes me laugh. Or the bright colors?

I’ve never had a sweet tooth, actually I’ve had too many cavities to like sweet things much! But somehow every time I see this tattoo I want to eat the hell out of some gummy bears.

And then there’s also the tattoos that just walk in and turn out to be super fun, stuff that wasn’t planned but has a sense of whimsy to it. Like this jellyfish. Again, bright hapy colors, flow, fun times.

I’ll be at the shop friday and I’ll post some more updates after that!