blackwork sleeves, no, NOT tribal. Blackwork.

finally finished this set of awesome stripey arms tonight. This is my best friend by the way.
I feel like we worked on these foreeeever.

She had a straight, solid one-inch thick black line around each upper arm, done by someone else, to start with. And she wanted…”something besides just a band around each arm, something bad ass”

We’d already done a bunch of color work on her back (It’s still in progress- snakes and flowers) and so I asked her if she wanted to do something big and abstract, that would make the bands into something crazy awesome.

Since she is my best friend, she said, “HELL YEAH”

We finished her right arm a long time ago and have been working on her left (the more zig-zaggy one) for a while, tonight we finished it.

I might go back through once everything settles in and tighten up some points and edges here and there, and touch up any spots that have gotten skeeter bites over the years…but her sleeves are DONE.

(the color areas on her forearms were done by another great local artist, once I know it’s ok I’ll put up a link to his work here. Suffice to say he’s goddamn awesome too.)