an artist’s statement

tree tattoo by anji marthI’m Anji Marth. I was born in the early 70s, and grew up on the east coast of the US, near Philadelphia. I lived in Philly as a teenager into my early twenties. I have since moved all over the country, from the south to the southwest to the pacific northwest. I love it here and consider it home.

I work in a variety of mediums. I am a professional, licensed tattoo artist. I’ve been tattooing since the late 90s. I love tattoos, and people who get them.

My condensed portfolio can be seen here-

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Here’s the big list of all things I’ve made for sale:

  1. all kinds of everything?
  2. tshirts, prints, cards?
  3. prints of my photography?
  4. books I have written?here they are in kindle, and in print
  5. I have done some graphic design for this place:
  6. digital downloads of some of my work are available here.


I am working at Laughing Buddha from July 15-21, at High Priestess in Salem from August 10-15, and again at Laughing Buddha from August 16-24. You can email me at resonanteye at gmail dot com for appointment information.