I am a professional, licensed tattoo artist. I work in a studio in Oregon and another in Seattle, and visit Vegas and Phoenix regularly as well. I’ve been tattooing since the late 90s. I love tattoos, and people who get them.

I write about my life, about art, and sometimes about horror movies at http://resonanteye.net – you can also find my works for sale there, usually. My blog is there, it goes back to about 2003.

If you have any questions, feel free to find me on facebook or instagram ( @resonanteye ) and ask away.

You can find my tattoo portfolio at this link.  I’d love to do similar work on you!

Here are a few examples, if you don’t feel like clicking through.

large blackwork spider tattoopaulieDSC_0260 DSC_0248
12011267_10206361362047525_2534073396816679648_n11058095_10153103315042712_5963461807539853980_n19505_10152948236462712_9141122821601630296_n11954802_10153186120227712_1032879237502491284_nowl tattoo

IMG_20150509_142836 DSC_0054DSC_0122 984292_10152805863662712_5145958790197630122_n



I’ll be bringing along tons of flash and drawings of tattoos I’d like to do on someone. Maybe you will be that someone?


I illustrated and wrote six coloring books, they’ll be available at the booth, signed!






10645186_800019916685733_4933441498755098240_ndeerwomanEPSON MFP image


I make weights, jewelry for stretched ears. Here’s a link to some of what I’ll have with me. 

jewelry test-0018

I’m also bringing prints of a lot of my paintings, here are a few to give you some ideas.

flamingo printI'll never give up my reproduction rights so cheaply ever ever again.tumblr_ny4upiBkPb1r6gkjbo1_540colored pencilpeagle2


see you in nevada….ride fast, ride safe!



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