op art tattoos

I’d like to do a lot more of these this coming year.

Hit me up via email (resonanteye at gmail) and let me know if you’re interested. I have a couple people on the line now for some more anomalous motion stuff.

Join in!

Crazy Horse

I made this for my friend Jared a while back, and just came across this picture of it.

I used some quotations, things crazy horse actually said (while he was in custody) as backdrop.

I have no idea about the authenticity or whatever of the headdress. I just made what I thought looked cool.

I’d like to draw more like this- portraits of dead heros, I guess. Skully type portraits.

dog chair

I tend to hang out with people’s pets a lot. Even more than I hang out with people.

When I’m at a friend’s house the pets, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, ferrets, are usually who I talk with first.

I really feel comfortable with animals.

Sometimes, even with good friends, I get a little socially anxious, even though I am not shy the way I once was, and I can be kind of blustery and obnoxious, I still get those feelings. So if someone has a pet it’s a good way to de-fuse that, when those thoughts or feelings come up, I can pat the dog, laugh at the cat, or make silly noises at the parrot.

And then I feel ok again. Just about all animals like me, dogs especially. That’s a good feeling.

anomalous motion illusion…the tattoo that dare not speak its name

anomalous motion tattooanomalous motion tattooSpent a few hours working on this. Yes, I had a migraine afterwards. Yes there were moments when I felt green and had to look away. Most of those moments came along during the last hour, when the majority of the piece had been finished, and I could begin to see a bit of movement even when I was up close on it. I took some excedrin and had a few drinks after work, that helped bring me back to normal. My eyes were skewy for a few hours after I was done working.

It was a challenge and I am so stoked that I got to do this! I love anomalous motion illusions. I really wanted to do at least one of them, try to make it work on skin. This was a good start. I’ve got a few more of these on the way.

What an awesome day!

Why these work: Your brain sees the shadow of the shapes, or areas that converge, as possible movement. Since there’s a lag between your eye seeing it and your brain understanding it, images like this appear to move. Your peripheral vision and your direct focus have a time lag as well.

Your brain interprets the image as conatining motion. In this one people may see radiating spikes of shadow that move around, or motion into or out of the center, or vibration.

Anomalous motion is your mind playing tricks on you, basically.

A more concrete explanation.

work I have done that is somewhat psychedelic/op-art

 the most maddening stencil to create, hands down.this one was too dark/confusing.

the most maddening stencil to create, hands down.this one was too dark/confusing.

more fonts. bad picture!

A damn cell phone photo of a fun font tattoo.

Done for fun, on my friend Angie.

in progress moment

I love my job.


I love fixing old tattoos. Seriously love it.

I like it I think because I can just sort of play. Someone else has done the hard part- the conceptualizing, the drawing, all that, and I get to just make something a little bit ragged into something WAY new for the person.

People seem to be really excited when they get stuff repaired or retouched, too. I do free touchups on all the work I do, but not all artists offer that…I mean most of the tattooers I know do, but I have heard of some that don’t. So I end up with people coming to get things fixed every once in a while, and every single time I really enjoy it.


liz’s leg. finally finsihed!

ancient brick flip phone

If I haven’t heard from you in weeks and I have not heard you say “How are you?” in months…why should I leap to help you out?
However if you are interested in my life and in me I am loyal and willing…
you can call me on my car phone. You’ll see.


DSC_0441I miss my grandfather.

A lot.

He was a WWII vet. He was a hard worker. He was a great guy. I loved him very much.

That is all.

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