large articulation project: spider pig.

I worked on this today, with help from Hawkins.

It’s a commission for a friend; I was working on it before but they asked me to build a mount for them, and finishing this ended up fitting their concept perfectly. (I do have some things like this for sale, go here to buy those, or see them.)

All that’s left to do is seal it.

Pig skull, deer and coyote jaws, deer, dog, and badger bones- medical-grade gauze circa 1943, and oil paint.

I used bone glue, hot glue, twine, and adhesive plaster to construct it, and to make the joints solid.

It’s mounted on a square piece of maple plywood. It has taken me a few days of solid effort, and a few weeks of concept/articulation research, to make this one.  Hawkins helped assort and assemble the structure – having his mind on the project was extremely helpful.

More images after the jump.


Published on: Dec 7, 2011


ACEO and mini paintings.

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about working so small. I do like the idea of people without a lot of spare cash being able to own my art, though. So with a little nudge from some friends, I decided to paint a few.

I had done a few mini deer paintings before. I’m thinking of doing more- does anyone collect tiny art? What sizes do you like? I don’t even know how much to price things at, that are this small.

Do you paint mini-size, or ACEOs? What’s been your experience with them? I find it really hard, because for things like this I usually use a round nib on an ink-dip pen, and had to use such a tiny nib- also I am accustomed to doing BIG soft washes, so switching down to tiny-brush-size felt a bit odd too.

I suppose I will wait and see how much people want them too, before I make up my mind!

Let me know in the comments, if you have any thoughts about small media. I have a few more tiny frames for new ones.

flash set

originally posted on nov 14, 2007

If you click read more, you can see some pictures. The flash set is six sheets, it’ll be for sale on will bodnar’s flash site soon…In the meantime I’, printing a run of ten sets, on cardstock parhcment, hand signed and numbered. $75 for the set, comes with a cover sheet (an extra sheet basically) that has a story on the back of it. The folio set is a limited run. any remaining prints will be here.

Currently, prints of all of these are available via

and any remaining originals are at

side note- if you see something you love at square, but you’re not in the US, please let me know! I can post it to zibbet instead (which does international shipping and such)

I usually take commissions for tattoo designs, you can email me about that if you like, to see if I have open time for more.

here’s evidence of the hard work, you can see a few of the sheets lying there amidst the rest of the recent stuff:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

read more to see more images…


dios de los muertos, and a clean print space

dios de los muertos skullcleaned up the studio a bit and uhu’ed up all the packed prints for easy mailing…and started this guy.

looking at the wall..that’s about 2/3 prints, 1/3 originals. I have a lot of art- and still have to pick up my gallery show tomorrow, too.

buy it, get this shit out of my house!

til tomorrow!

triumph the crab



Crazy Horse

I made this for my friend Jared a while back, and just came across this picture of it.

I used some quotations, things crazy horse actually said (while he was in custody) as backdrop.

I have no idea about the authenticity or whatever of the headdress. I just made what I thought looked cool.

I’d like to draw more like this- portraits of dead heros, I guess. Skully type portraits.

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