momentum, hair growing, tires spinning

snakeRoseburg is fun. Also sometimes, like this, I schedule a post to autmoagicaly post itself like a robot. I’m writing this in the night time, but tomorrow it will post itself like I just wrote it!

I do this pretty often. It’s because I have a few hours here and there to write, but I want you guys to have something new to read every day. So I pre-schedule posts.

I guess this means if I die in a fiery crash, it will still look like I am writing even after I’m dead, for a day or two! MOMENTUM, inertia, all that.

I ain’t no physkisist but i knows what matters.

At any rate here’s a snake sketch…I want to do this on a forearm or on an inner calf. If you’re interested drop me an email @ resonanteye at…

Full color of course.