Earn a free miniprint!

ImagefreeYou want to earn a mini-print?

All you have to do is hand out, send out, or post up other mini-prints of my work! I’m making promo packs, which include a handful of ACEO sized prints with my site info on them. If you’re willing to hand them to people who may want to buy some art, send them along to friends, or post them to local bulletin boards/clubs/stores and venues’ bulletin boards, I’ll send you a packet!

You’ll get one 5×7″ signed mini-print of one of my works in the packet, for you to keep and gloat about.

If you’re interested, email me (resonanteye at gmail.com) and let me know where to send your packet! Please only respond if you’re willing to hand out/post the cards and prints though.  I’ll only be doing a limited number of these, so keep that in mind!

I’m making a bunch of different prints; if you have a strong preference for which of my art pieces you’d like a miniprint of, let me know when you email me. I’ll try my best to make it happen.