beautiful people wear my work! I love them.


rose quartz and shell weights


they’re perfect for her I think!


they’re translucent, too.


“make a serious face”


oak, sawa, and coconut wood.

I mean a real serious face

I mean a real serious face




moonstone, willow, and agate with silk cord


moonstone. willow, agate druzy slice on katalox spirals.


my friend took this photo of me, I love it.

More ear weights, dangles, and other crafty things.

1604774_10152561631552712_2406402589899347813_nAll of these new pairs are listed at
I finished a few on commission as well, this past week. I love it when I get to make things for people.

Most of these are beadweaving on top of threadwrapping with some extra stone or piece as a focal point.

I use wood as a base material- the coils or hoops are all from companies that make safe body jewelry (I’ve used tawapa’s stuff a lot as a base to work on) and are all wood. I like wood.

I’ve also made a few smaller, stick-earring style pieces on horn.

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