I don’t like magenta.


Right now I’m working on two things. One is a series of for paintings, each a hare. Each in a different season. The other thing is this dahlia in an antique jar next to a window.
Whenever I work with colors i don’t like, i end up working very slowly. I can’t sit there with them for very long. For example, the teapot i painted recently was all in subdued grey and reddish brown, and black. I love those colors so i finished that painting very quickly.

I don’t like magenta and it’s usually not in my palette and so this flower which should be very simple and already done has taken me extra days.

Knowing how I am about this, i can predict on advance that the winter and autumn hare will get painted first and quickly, and I’ll have a great time, then the spring hare will come next and be fun, but take a little bit longer, and the summer hare may feel like a neverending task, all that green! And take as long as the other three put together.

But it’s important that they all are done the way I’m imagining them, as a set, or i won’t be satisfied with them.

At least it won’t be a magenta hare.