oregon tsunami. work in progress.

We did a 4 1/2 or 5 hour session on this. It’s a cover-up of an older tattoo, a medium-sized rose and banner was there before.

This fellow lived in Eugene for a good long while, and so he wanted a memento of Oregon. We’re doing Mt. Hood at the backdrop of the waves, on the underside of his arm.

This, a version of the great wave as painted by Hokusai, is simply that- a great wave. Our man Joe is a surfer, and currently lives in Socal- we talked a bit about my fear of swimming in the ocean (SHARKS.) and his lack of fear (DOLPHINS AND PUPPIES). He works as a biologist, right now he is working with condors. I LOVE VULTURES AND CONDORS.

We also had some good book conversation, we’d both read Mutant Message, and a bit of McKenna, and he recommended some music to me, and I recommended he read The Flounder.

He also sat like a champ. It was a long, and brutal session, encompassing both his front and back armpits AND the knob up top by the collarbone, not to mention a large raised scar up there that must have stung! But he sat quite still through it all.

I can’t wait to finish this. I still have to refine the splashed droplets of white, and blue- and reline the cloud areas- and finish the mountain underneath.