open dates: tattoo time available in may, eugene and seattle.

14805146 DSC_0247

I’ll be tattooing at high priestess in Eugene, May 3-9. If you want time with me in Oregon, let me know soon.
I will be back at the end of June/beginning of July. I’ll possibly be in Vegas the first few days of May.

To book time in Oregon, use this form. (Vegas too)
I’ll be in Seattle the second week of May. To book time with me, contact the shop at 206-329-8274.
To see some of my work, look here! xox

Some more time in Eugene at HP!


face healed, background fresh.


I didn’t do the yellow or the running dude, just the landscape and elbow.


healed, 3/4 sleeve from years ago. saw her today!


peacock healed, background fresh.


amber wearing her new amber ear weights. (I love her!)

art opening

(scroll down for newest posts, this will be up until the show opens)

This show will be opening Nov. 2, 2008, at The Horsehead.

come on out and join the mayhem

:click here to see what happened at the last art opening:

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