Sheanderthaler art opening official info!


“All materials legally harvested from roadside animal strikes, zoos, wildlife refuge and rehabilitation centers, and privately owned pets. No animals were injured or killed in order to produce this work; instead, discarded remains have been reborn in a nightmarish, deeply personal body of work which attempts to dive through the collective unconscious back to ‘caveman’ days.

The pieces are intended as meditations on the way modern culture has sanitized death (animal and human) and hearkens to a time when bare hands, soot, blood and bone were the existent artist’s material.

Despite this overall appearance, the art is archival quality, with special care taken to dry and preserve the bones, whole mummified animals, and plant materials used.

Anji Marth, the artist, is an immediatist who previously has had exhibitions of oil paintings and photography. She is a professional tattoo artist in Oregon. ”

March 4th, opening/artwalk 5-9 pm. Three bands: kemosabe, splendor and the resistance, and ninth moon black, starting at 9 or 10. My birthday party, happening in the background all night long.

At the Oak Street Speakeasy, Eugene.

Part of the Eugene first friday artwalk.

Man, am I ever excited!

(Sheanderthaler. -er.)