I am a woman tattoo artist working in the pacific northwest.

My name’s Anji Marth. On the internet I am resonanteye everywhere I go and always have been. I’ve been tattooing since the late 90s. I currently work at High Priestess. Feel free to comment on any post you like; I love saying hello to new people on here.

I work in a variety of mediums, so it’s difficult to pin down what my work is. I like death and life as subjects. I use watercolor, tattoo, oil paint, pencil, pen and ink, photography, digital graphic design, taxidermy, and also sculpture.  I live in Alsea, Oregon, Cascadia. I am currently on a sabbatical from tattooing, visiting Spokane, WA and focusing on my 2d art projects and books.

I used to live in Seattle, Sacramento, Philadelphia, and  Eugene. I have worked at Slave to the Needle, Heaven Sent Tattoo, Laughing Buddha Tattoo, Apocalypse Tattoo (briefly), and High Priestess (currently). I’ve done guest spots all around the country. I’ve won a few trophies at conventions, and will be working more of those this coming year.

If you want to get your hands on some art, I sell everything I make. You can see what I’ve got ready to ship – the things I truly want to sell, things which are finished. These things are available HERE, CLICKIKYCLICK.

You can also find me at  Facebook, instagram, tumblr, bme, ogrishforum, deviantart, twitter, last.fm, youtube, pretty much anywhere in the internet if you dig deep enough. And I love stalkers, so feel free to digest everything you can find about me. I have, for the last twenty years, discussed every available bit of myself and my thought, my feelings and my work, and the process I go through to do these things. I have laid bare my internal gears and workings, and I hope you find enjoyment in following that dark thread back into the archives.


I have a few hobbies- deep-woods survival hiking and camping, free solo rock climbing, foraging, mushroom hunting, running, vaping, shooting pool, and I collect depression-era mason jars. I also enjoy stargazing, hunting (elk and turkey) and target shooting. I like horror movies and stories, coffee, and being alone.

 I ask nothing more back from you in exchange for all the amazement and furor I’ll give your mind- except that you buy some of my art, as much as you can afford, for yourself and for others. and if you can afford none, then to spread the word far and wide, that here on this very website, IS ENTERTAINMENT AND DELIGHT, A FEAST FOR THE PARCHED EYES OF THE MASSES.


Thank you for all the years of kind attention and debate. This site’s blog began in 2004, and I’ve changed a lot over the years, thanks to you guys.

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