painting in progress

work in progress

I usually don’t post paintings in progress, but I am in a generous mood today. So here you have it, some kind of strange bird creature which I am working on. It’s two feet wide by three feet tall so it might take a while.

I’m working pretty fast and loose with this one, just having fun.

I’ll certainly post the finished product when I get there.

Posting unfinished paintings seems a bit like looking at a baby pinky mouse- unformed and kind of ugly. But I guess I’ve let someone film me working start to finish, so I haven’t much left behind the curtain.

Side note: I added information to the “sales” and “about resonanteye” pages, too, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (Go buy my work!)


barn owl tattoobarn owl tattooI made a barn owl tonight. It was really, really fun. I love owls.

This took a few hours, not too long. Lots of white, pale violet, strong browns, black.

I love using a natural palette like this especially when I can throw a bit of bright behind it. It’s kind of backwards, usually the brighter colors pop forward but once in a while there’s an opprtunity to defy the laws of color theory and use the subtle hues and the foreground.I had a great time doing this tattoo…

My road trip continues tomorrow, when I get to go stalk the wild and mighty javelinas with my camera. After that a few more tattoos on the fine folks here in AZ, and then it’s off to see my sweet gentleman friend up in Seattle.

new treatment for MRSA

MRSA, it’s our new boogyman. Staph is all over every surface in our homes, even on our skin. It’s a common bacteria and lots of people get staph infections, from scratches, scrapes, cuts, surgical work, tattoos, you name it- if there’s a break in the skin or an injury, staph infections can happen. (Keeping a new wound or injury clean by washing with anti-microbial liquid soaps is a good start to preventing this, by the way. This is key with fresh tattoos or other abrasions, especially.)

When staph becomes resistant to antibiotics, it’s a nasty thing. MRSA spreads quickly, and it can kill you. Most people get MRSA from hospitals and doctor’s offices or dentists. This is because when disinfectants are used regularly and antibiotics are present in an environment, other kinds of bacteria die off, leaving MRSA to rule the field. More than 2/3 of fatal MRSA infections are caused by surgery.


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