dog’s wishes


an old, worn, found dog skull properly cleaned, stained, and painted. mounted simply in a birch box with driftwood and starling legs; upon its snout is a wishbone. sealed with matte uv spray and secured with twine and bone glue.

box is approx 10×10″

I had a strong feeling that this dog led a very difficult life; when found, the skull was worn, ragged at the edges, as if it had been sawn or gnawed at. I felt that if I could have given this dog a wish while it lived, I would have.

Of course I cannot be sure of the provenance or history of the animal; I can only speak to the feeling I had, that while I worked on it with love and care and caution, it felt glad, and appreciated the way I worked with it. It was found in the woods, but the physiology is clear that this was a dog, not a coyote.

process description for this piece:
This skull took a few months to process. using an insect-cleaning method, and then antiseptic and degreasing soaks repeated over time. I use luthier’s bone glue, which I heat and cure for thickness, to mount everything. All parts of this piece are archivally preserved, sealed, and clean.

Cost includes shipping, packaging, handling, with tracking and insurance via USPS. No international shipping, US only.

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