art opening at True Love Gallery, Seattle in september!

Art opening images: what a great show! My friend Aaron and I had work hanging, there was a great DJ, and snacks. Thanks to George Long for putting on the show and being such a great organizer. True Love has a great space for art, too.

The work will be hanging until October 4th, so stop by there and take a look if you missed the opening. Some things have sold but some are still up and waiting for you… xox


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"bait" and "debt" process photos


Some new works for the art show at True Love Gallery for September!
Start to finish. Bait is watercolor on arches coldpress, 22×30″. Debt is mixed media, watercolor, ground and oil on canvas, 30×40″.

If you’re in Seattle this coming month, stop by and check them out in person.

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mandala and mandorla coloring books, grab em while they're hot!

IMG_20150824_154336I’ve been working on a four-volume set of mandala coloring books. The first three are already available at this link, the fourth is on the way!

Below are a few print-sized images you can print out yourself and color for free. (Reproduction for other uses is not permitted!)



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sunburn memory process photos

sunburn memories watercolor and pencil on arches coldpress paper, 16x20". original sold. click image for prints.

sunburn memories
watercolor and pencil on arches coldpress paper, 16×20″. original sold. click image for prints.

Finished. below, the steps to completion and process shots. (I drink coffee in the “paint water” mug, and use the “not paint water” mug for paint water. This actually works and I haven’t drunk my paint water since- reverse psychology or something.)


sketch: very loose brushstrokes with pale, washed-out tones of sap green, sepia, and grey


underpainting: adding heavier pigment load to areas, dry brush spots on hair and eye


layers: fixing shadows, adding cool tones of indigo to shadowed areas, starting in on big washes behind everything.


detail: struggling with leaves, and with hand position on the fan. also gave her the sheer shirt I was planning


prints available at

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