on a typical saturday

touched up one spot in the light green, the rest is healed!

touched up one spot in the light green, the rest is healed!

I did a bunch of tattooing on saturday. It was the kind of day when I grab a few bites to eat in between talking to people and tattooing, when I don’t get to spend much time in the waiting room with people because I’m working every hour I’m there. In other words, it was my favorite kind of day.

I also got to work on an old friend I haven’t seen in FAR too long. So that was just gravy.


penguin done by Ludwig, at Under the Needle tattoo. IT IS ADORABLE. Background/geometry by me.

penguin done by Ludwig, at Under the Needle tattoo.  ADORABLE. Background/geometry by me.

little ax!

little ax! touched this up today, one corner was missing a spot.

in progress!

in progress! we’ll be doing background AND more flowers around it.

I just liked this photo of her hair.

I just liked this photo of her hair.

that's a tall vanilla latte and a short shot.

that’s a tall vanilla latte and a short shot.

fall plans, discount for prints and shirts, and saying hello to lurkers

Discount code for all the prints and shirts:

rose tattoo flashDiscount on everything this week at my redbubbleshop!

yay for a sale at redbubble!

ALL the prints and shirts and things get the discount! Only for I think this week!

ALSO, running low on the signed copies of the Horrors coloring book. Better get one soon if you want a signed copy. http://resonanteye.net/2014/08/22/the-horrors-orders/ they can be got through squareup, paypal, or etsy.


travel plans, where to get tattooed by me the coming months:


hand of doom, ancient aliums and flowers.

563917_10150950782782712_317334313_n 10382451_10152208414317712_4743554048112002914_n 10313588_10152208858407712_8462537469363611427_n 10367174_10152208530892712_173987794698938486_n10463948_10152208794702712_1283401893093453263_nYesterday was great!

I tend to have good conversations with my clients, and the whole day I spent talking to awesome people about hilarious things.

I didn’t get to do my bird drawing (he chose the hand of doom instead) but I’d still love to do it on someone…

I’ll be back at work saturday- I go to the dentist tomorrow, wish me luck.

Oh and also, some more new and old art for sale at the bottom here. I’ve been revamping my printshop a little, so go take a peek!

more tattoos!

10361523_10152201875222712_7262472022994513117_n 10461945_10152201804822712_414883338799702811_nI also did a nice elegant celtic piece I drew specifically for the client today…

I will post that one after it’s healed, since there was a lot of white and pale grey in it (pinkish from the freshly broken skin)

I also did these two pieces today. Fun stuff- bright butterflies and a cool little rocker guy.

I’ve got prints and originals for sale now at laughing buddha

If you’re not in Seattle, you can get prints of them at the links in the images below. For originals, you can always email me and ask about prices and shipping!

tattoo dates!

I’ll be in Seattle from April 24-30, tattooing at laughing buddha. contact me by email to make a date!

I’ll be in Salem Oregon from may 3-7, I only have one or two slots open still, so reach me fast of you want to get tattooed while I am there!

resonanteye @ gmail . com


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