The New American Death Cult: why your grandpa lost his mind, in 4 chapters.

Yes, we are dealing with a destructive cult. Yes, the people who want to “open up” and who are arguing with you about numbers and validity of studies and all that shit are arguing in bad faith and lying, because they want to die and they want to kill. That’s their goal.

They are not debating you or questioning to learn. They are using your space online to repeat the same propaganda they’ve been handed, and to get you tired out from fighting. Don’t let them do it.

Why now?

I should say, this didn’t start with trump. The roots of this cult are deep in America*. Trump may be the flower on the branch, but that’s all.

being arrested along with other KKK members; but sure, he wasn't involved. sure.

being arrested along with other KKK members

It started before I can rightly cover in this post, in any post. I am not a historian. I’ll be speaking only of more recent events, of things I have read and researched personally, of my own experiences and stories and accounts I’ve heard.

Part One: How Grandpa Lost His Sharp Mind

Many people know someone who was a professional, a scientist, a smart person, but who has lost their ability to discern reality from fiction.

Let’s be very clear. There’s more than one reason people get involved in cults. Some vulnerability in them is exploited- whether it’s loneliness, fear, poverty, neglect, jealousy, spite, racism, anger… there’s an emotional lack that the cult “fixes”. This does not mean the members were bad people before they joined in. This does not mean they were unintelligent or even ignorant. They simply had some kind of vulnerability that left them open to this.