I’ll say it. Yes, they want to die. Yes, they want to kill.

yes, they want to kill their base. yes they want to die. yes they want to get other people killed too, that’s the whole point. yes.

I see people saying things like:

“I don’t get it why would they want to support this guy”

“why fight with science do they want to die”

“does he WANT to kill his voter base”

“I don’t understand why they are so hyped on people who stand for the opposite of what they say they care about, I thought they were ‘conservative'”

“what’s the big deal about a mask”


"Busting the Line, Nebraska" 22x30", watercolor

“Busting the Line, Nebraska”
22×30″, watercolor

They are NOT telling you how they really feel.
They are LYING about their motivations.
They do NOT think a million deaths would be a bad thing and they do NOT think the current pandemic is a hoax. They know it’s real.

They’re in a destructive cult.
A Death Cult.

They not only want to die (their cyanide happens to be covid 19) but they want to take as many others down as possible. They’re deep in a cult, a real cult.

It’s got a lot in common with both Pol Pot (anti science/anti knowledge) and Aum Shinrinkyo (“truthers”, trying to start the end times) cults. Since it’s American, there’s a lot more dominionist/prosperity gospel Bible thumping mixed into it, including the End Times being a good thing, punishment of their opponents, having twelve kids to make a ‘god army’, all that. Add in an American mixture of sexism, racism and -phobia and you’ve got a really poisonous stew. A melting pot of horror.

summation of the means to the end.

summation of the means to the end.

The underlying principles of Death Cults are always the same.




you don't owe anyone a platform.

you don’t owe anyone a platform.

Anything they’re saying as “reasons” for this stuff, is purely a cover story for their actual purpose. They are not having a debate with you. They are not “presenting evidence”, playing devil’s advocate, trying to find answers, whatever way you are giving them a pass- you’re wrong about it. You are reading them wrong, which is their goal. They want to spew propaganda, and every time you reply to their shit in good faith, you’re letting them do it.

You enjoy a good conspiracy, right? This one isn’t even hidden. Barely. They’re barely trying to hide it anymore.

Actually, the same reason you enjoy a good conspiracy, is the reason they got sucked into this cult, some of them. A feeling that you know more than other people, that you’re on the inside, that you are right and others are blind, a sense of belonging, feeling like you are “making a difference”. These are natural human urges, and cults use them to snare people. (we can’t ignore the racist/sexist aspects of this cult in particular, but ANY cult will appeal to these other urges-even for intelligent people)

What is an acceptable number of people to kill? For what goal? Even the goals they have, do not make sense: unless you know they are in a Death Cult and

*killing people is their actual goal*



Tomorrow I’ll tackle the ways people have gotten snagged in this- Q and the chans’ political quarantine sections have a lot to do with it. “reasonable” questions, conspiracy theories, mistrust of regulatory agencies (which have been purposely gutted to function poorly), police brutality, pay cuts for essential workers, pitting teachers against parents, and on and on.

I’ll get into that tomorrow in a follow up.


where this shit is coming from:

how to indoctrinate

how to indoctrinate

*losing someone caught up in this?*

*some assistance*