totally self-indulgent photo post.

just some photos of me on my days off.

nothing to see here, move along, move along.

ah hell. have a gallery.



a little sasquatch time.

sasquatch tattoosasquatch painting, cryptid artA tattoo I did quite some time ago, and a painting I’m working on right now.

Living here by the Siuslaw, it feels like sasquatch is always nearby.

The grey hour before complete dark is sasquatch hour, and the misty hour after that is owl time.

art shows, wild drives

raining like a typhoon, frogs leaping in the road everywhere I looked- I went to Eugene and got back late tonight.

My car has two full galleries’s worth of art in it.

I had another bird guest, too. I’ll be posting photos of all the goodies I just picked up tomorrow!

more landscapes. more snow.




snowed all night, melting a bit today. still living by firelight, without a laptop until later this week.

all of these are for sale here, if you’re interested!

the workspace

Just a few shots of my processing area for skulls and bones and such.

I’ll be hanging more of my art tomorrow, (landscapes this time, and canvasses) at Jameson’s … they will be up all month!

My skull mounts are still on display at the Oak St Speakeasy until the end of March, and my colored pencil art is hanging at the Museum of Unfine Art until then too. I’m all over Eugene this month!


head tattoos, and pirate skeletons!

I worked on some friends yesterday. FUN!

It was my day “off”, so I worked on my best friend, her brother, and another very close friend of mine…

It was a great day. I even put on my mp3 player and we listened to the most epic playlist I’ve ever made, all damn day long.

At one point I serenaded my friend with a Stevie Nicks song while tattooing the center of his head.

I also haven’t seen my best friend in a while so getting to hang out with her was awesome.

We’ve both been a bit reclusive lately so have only been in touch online and on the phone.

It’s the one problem with living where I do right now- my best friend is an hour away. On my way home last night my car got stuck in the snow on marys peak, too, and I had to chain up just to pull it off the road…and hitch a ride home from my partner in his four-wheel drive. So there are downfalls to my woodsy life. Worth it though- and the days when I DO see my friends I am so glad.

A few finished-product photos after the jump.


the great oregon storm. alsea, january 2012.

This morning, at John Boy’s, a man walking in overheard my conversation with the cashier-“so the road is gone?” I asked. She replied, “yes, 34 is a landslide! but the alsea falls is open, but there are trees down.” The man walking by said, “Yes, the terrible loggers- the terrible loggers will clear that road.”

Twelve miles west of town, the road is gone. Four miles east- the road is gone. There is a side road, over the falls, covered in downed trees. The last few days have been interesting here.

“ORE34, 4 miles East of Alsea

Incident #: 121760
Lanes Affected: (Westbound) 1 Lane , Shoulder (Eastbound) 1 Lane 
Comments: A landslide has the highway closed, use alternate route.
Public Contact: ODOT/NWTOC Salem
Last Updated: 01/20/2012 07:43 am”

The first night, I thought it was going to snow. As the sun set, the fog settled in, and the first flakes came. I knew we were in for it, in a way I’d been waiting for it. By nine pm, the woods around the house were creaking, groaning, and shattering under the weight. It sounded like a gun battle. I thought, at first, that maybe the zombies had come- or that some neighbors were having a shotgun party. I got my revolver out, and slept.

In the morning, the snow was thick. Everywhere I looked giant limbs were lying in it. The trees had taken a beating, and a few of the deciduous trees were broken almost in half. The doug firs that shelter my back yard had lost a lot of branches- many of them on my roof. I went into Alsea, and the store had no power. My house had no power. My car slipped in the snow- then it began to rain.

It’s still raining now- not the torrent it was that day, but the usual Oregon dribble. The rain at first though was heady- huge drops, constant. When I first moved to Alsea the water was high, but now it was raging. In Corvallis the roads had flooded, and a friend of mine living in Monroe area said they were pretty much cut off by the flooding.

This morning they declared the county a disaster area.

In my town, there’s lots of washouts. The road right by my house is about ten inches deep in places. There are tree branches all over the place, and you can see where people woke early and got out their chainsaws to clean up a bit.

Since I am stranded here, for the time being, with the roads gone, I think I’ll probably do some art- at least until the sun goes down. The power has been on and off the last few days, so I’m hoping it stays running through tonight.

I’ll post more as events unfold. Here’s the rest of the photos I took today, and a few from friends in nearby towns.

I’m going to post as many photos as I can find from locals, check back later as I will update here in this post. Click through for the rest.


moss terrariums, a primer

Formerly known as Wardian cases, moss terrariums are pretty easy to take care of, if they’re put together right.

I’ve been making these off and on for years, and have a few well-established ones growing in my house.

They’re really nice for times when you want to see some outside nature but for some reason(such as cold or work), you can’t go hiking.Since I moved to Alsea, I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods.

I live next to the Siuslaw forest, which is one of the least-developed natural areas in the northwest.

It’s gorgeous, silent, and old.

The house I live in has its own patch of woods, which is its yard. I spend a lot of my days poking around there, growing things, picking mushrooms, and gathering moss. This is what I do with all that stuff, and it’s not hard to do yourself.

(here’s a supply list, and another, and another, in case you need to buy some of these things)


alsea, oregon


my green heaven.

photo of my commute to work.



one of my most adorable clients is sitting half across the room in front of me, listening to the band. “tonight’s about Anji Marth, that’s her decadent decay on the walls! it gives me a hardon, does it give you one?!” the singer on stage yells.

my cute, perky, completely normal client turns around beaming, and in the silent pause shouts in a wee, happy voice- “I LOVE TO FUCK DEAD PEOPLE!”

at an earlier moment in the evening, a jolly young man with absolutely no warning fell flat from his chair onto his back, cracking his head flatly, and lying completely unresponsive in the center of the table area. “is he dead?” someone asked. people gathered around, cradling his head, talking at him. someone has died at my art opening! visions of infamy danced wildly before my eyes until he arose, bleary. he was led to a safer chair and left with friends shortly afterward, crushing my daydreams.

I had a conversation with electro hippies in fluorescent green fur hats about craft fairs, moderation in party times, and mentoring the young in a scene. I spoke with a woman who has done the Saturday market for 34 years running and who enjoyed the contrast between my work and the landscape artist next door. I also spoke intently to a man with a fear of spiders, a man who was in love with “galore” (the boar head mount) and a woman who was fascinated and repelled but wanted to know all about bone processing.

I had a great night. I also saw some old friends long missing from my real life, spent a bit of time with a good old friend I miss every day. and of course, enjoyed the gentlemanly presence and aplomb of Hawkins.

all in all, except for my crankiness from fatigue, an excellent night.

my work will be on display all month at the speakeasy. I’ll be back there on the 9th to bring a few more prints and listen to the excellent Mendozza … thanks everyone who helped make tonight happen and everyone who came out to support or buy my work.

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