High Priestess downtown days!

I get so homesick. It’s been a great few days so far and there’s a few more on the way though!

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meeting niharika and luisa

On this visit I got to meet two incredible, creative women. One was Niharika, who does costume/dress for movies in India. She is so sweet, funny, and stylish. And she made me feel stylish too.

I worked overtime one night and stayed late, and when I came home she gave me the most perfect soft sweater ever…
Also she took some pictures of me which are kind of funny. We had cactus tacos together, and she got a really fun floral tattoo (with wasps in it! I’ve been dying to do some wasps.)

Here are picture she took and pictures I took.

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Then I also got to meet Luisa, a glass worker from Mexico City. She’s Colombian, beautiful, and hilarious. We watched some episodes of the Strain together and talked about art, and she shared her coffee with me.
Here we are looking fantastic.
12003335_10153473013266999_5770706119544535644_n (1)
And here she is with some of her work, which was marvelous. I got a pair of green glass ear weights from her.
In this picture is her work in mirrored glass.
While all this was happening, the shop here got a new owner. She’s a really wonderful woman and incredible tattooer that I worked with ages ago- and I’m really glad to be working for her/with her again. Here’s a picture of all the women I work with right now, it’s so great to have a good mix of man and woman at work. I love working with other women.
There are men at the shop as well and they’re awesome too, but I had this photo of all of us ladies together so I figured I would post it.
Last but not least, I got my hair trimmed and fixed by Jordie, my favorite hair worker, I think she did an amazing job. I feel stylish. Between her, Jason, and Niharika I was a fashion queen this week.
I say Jason as well, because I got the most amazing glass ring that matches my eyes. He made it from matte glass and layers. You can see it in the photos up top that Niharika took of me, it looks like sunny side up eggs (just like my eyes)

some tattoos from walk-in weekend, august in seattle!

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floral piece in progress


work in progress. This is our second sitting on these flowers! And no, I didn’t do the sharknado, sadly enough.

paper planes, baobabs, and poppy dreams.








fun stuff!


spending a few winter days in Seattle!

all healed up!

all healed up!

I’m here until tomorrow night, and I’m having a great time.
I’ll be at Laughing Buddha taking walk-ins until tomorrow night at ten; I come back through in February too.

I’m spending all my off time getting ready for the Evergreen Convention in March. SO STOKED. After that convention I’m going to be in Oregon for a few weeks too, working. Can’t wait to see all my people there. The convention is a big thing for me though- I’ve been feeling like I need more learning time, and there are some seminars going on that weekend I’m really looking forward to taking. I always feel like I could be better at my work and sometimes I get really dejected, and feel like I’m not making progress. Having a teacher here and there banishes that feeling pretty fast though!

I really don’t like winter, but this year has been ok so far despite all the chilly moments. It’s been icy and snowy in Spokane but Seattle is just chill and damp, how I like it. If you live in the ice-bound states, I’m sending you an e-cup of cocoa.


laughing buddha flower day, ammonite ear weights, and more coloring pages.

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more things I did in roseburg!

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sketches, lavender tattoo, ear weights.

handmade ear weight

finished, one of a kind set, 7/16″

lavender botanical tattoo




on my throne

on my throne

study for a thigh tattoo

study for a thigh tattoo

Farmer Joe's dahlias.

Otherwise known as Bill the Butcher vs. Amsterdam

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Te voy a enseñar a hablar Inglés con este cuchillo.

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