skellytons and candy, it must be halloween!

some tattoo work from today. so, so fun. color and black and grey, from one extreme to the other.

a few more things for the speakeasy art show…

just one more of the works I’m finishing up for it! Starting to get nervous and excited. the pre-show butterflies are starting up. will people like the stuff? will I sell anything? will I get too drunk to know?

and how on earth will I manage to explain my damn self, let alone my artwork, to a room full of people?

hopefully the music is loud. See you there.

get your own tree from me!

I’m doing commission trees right now, if you’ve liked the trees I’ve been posting.

email me at resonanteye at gmail dot com, to get one!

You pick the colors (up to 3) and the species, and whether you want roots,trunk, or branches to be the focus of the artwork. The one pictured here is a pink and grey oak…with the trunk the main focus. right now I’ll do a 9×12″ for under a hundred dollars- larger sizes, or full sized trees, may be more.

I’m looking forward to making these; I love drawing trees.

bright, bright bright.

best color combination I’ve found in weeks, right here. total eye-fuck.

I also drew some birds last night; a barn owl, grey heron, and jackdaw. That art is already up for sale over at the etsy page.

I’m gearing up for my gallery show in november. I always get down to the wire with making stuff and have to rush at the end. I somehow manage to get everything I want up finished.

I’ve got a few more skull mounts to post in the next day or so, also.

And, halloween is coming. My favorite holiday! Man I cannot wait. This is also my anniversary with Hawkins, he and I started seeing each other on halloween, so now it’s a doubly awesome holiday…this year is gonna be a good one I think.

morning glory show over!

thanks to everyone that bought some art! I’ll be listing the pieces that didn’t sell yet over on etsy today, so if you saw something you liked but didn’t get it, you might get a second chance.

here’s a few pictures of them, to tide you over until I post some more bones and things.



did this at the Portland expo today.

skinny women are evil, fat women are lazy. (or, SEA CREATURES UNITE!)

I don't care if you're skinny and covered in shag rug. I love you anyway.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff addressing the lack of larger or fat women in advertising, as symbols of beauty. It’s good in a way to see more of this, because the focus on one body type in media can be really disturbing. The implications that anyone bigger than the models is sick, lazy, or unhealthy; that fat women are all ugly, these aren’t right and need changing. I really think it’s good to raise awareness about body image, and to show women of all different sizes as beautiful and feminine.

That said, I also find it disturbing that many of these essays portray thin women as “anorexic” “unreal” and “nonexistent”. Look, I do know that the use of photoshop and the like has made images of impossible women pretty damn common. And yes, a lot of celebrities have eating disorders. But this isn’t always the case. By portraying thin women as unhealthy, sick, or unreal, you are continuing body shame. You are doing the exact same thing to other women that media has done to you, and it’s just as rotten.You’re continuing the cycle of abuse. Yes, you. You were hurt, so now, you’ll hurt others. For shame?


chai tea and plain donuts

I spent the day napping and drawing. I haven’t finished anything. Everything I’m working on is half-done, waiting. It’s been a strange day.

Here’s an older picture to tide you over until I find some motivation to finish something.

oh yeah, and an awesome video for you to watch.


just a grasshopper, that I drew for my dear, sweet mother.

You haven’t truly lived unless you’ve made your mother cry, worry that you’ve been arrested, wonder where you live for a while, and then cry some more. It’s just what happens when your life is full and exciting.

My mom likes grasshoppers, ducks, and flowers. Now that I’m not a teenage anarchist heathen in her house we get along really well.

We disagree on a lot but she’s one of those people that really does want to do good; her heart is in the right place, and I think mine is too.  I miss her; my family is on the opposite coast so I don’t get to see them very often.

This is just a little prismacolor drawing.

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