breaking sticks

headless horseman

momentum, hair growing, tires spinning

snakeRoseburg is fun. Also sometimes, like this, I schedule a post to autmoagicaly post itself like a robot. I’m writing this in the night time, but tomorrow it will post itself like I just wrote it!

I do this pretty often. It’s because I have a few hours here and there to write, but I want you guys to have something new to read every day. So I pre-schedule posts.

I guess this means if I die in a fiery crash, it will still look like I am writing even after I’m dead, for a day or two! MOMENTUM, inertia, all that.

I ain’t no physkisist but i knows what matters.

At any rate here’s a snake sketch…I want to do this on a forearm or on an inner calf. If you’re interested drop me an email @ resonanteye at…

Full color of course.


forged steel redemption

help us out, pony needs a new set of shoes

geek meta post


the most frequent searches that bring people here to my site:

issei sagawa

tree tattoo

tiger tattoo

hourglass tattoo

chest tattoo

illusion tattoos

anatomical heart tattoo

some odd searches which have brought people here to my site:

dustil down tattoo

girl cage


and, for those who don’t care about meta-data, I’m also posting a picture. xo

phoenix visit

vonnegutcactiiArizona was hot, dusty, dry. I got to spend some time with my good friends Dana and Michelle and JD, Mary, Derek and Richard, and Paul, and Kat.

Several nights it rained, lightning in the desert is amazing, hot fat drops pounding us. Michelle and I danced in the downpour and JD and I tried to catch lightning in our cameras (and failed). I saw a javelina. A lot of elk. A coyote. Some jackrabbits. Lizards everywhere!

I had a rough time getting back but all in all it was a great trip.

corn valley days

roads go ever ever onI’m working at our Corvallis shop for the duration of our back to school sale. I love being around these kids.

It’s especially nice, after the difficulties and the hard road lately.

(Our sale continues to the end of the month, so if you want to get a piece of that action now’s the time.)


tree tattoo ribsThis year has treated me very well so far. Usually about half of my year is fun; so far there has only been one bad month in 2009.

I’m in the desert, somewhere near Barstow, at a truck stop, stealing wifi to write this. And to shop for a roof rack. Born in the year of the ox, this means I enjoy working, or so I am told.

And I’m back to the yellow lines and the dust now. Hope there’s even more smooth road ahead.

river water up the nose

sea monster

all day adrian way

owlyadwayadrian marginal all-day way, and his fresh owl chest tattoo


tattooingI’m working the Seattle convention this weekend.

I have an opening on saturday, everything else is booked! Also, I will be working at Cicada Tattoo on Mon and Tues, and have free time then too, if you’re not comfortable getting tattooed in front of a million eyes.

If you’re in Seattle and want some work, let me know, and I’ll pencil you in!

I can’t wait. The Seattle show is the best for me- all my old friends are up there (I lived there for almost a decade) and I get to see them all almost at once.

See you guys under the needle.

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