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six free pages to color!

Posted by resonanteye on 12/27/2014

EPSON MFP imageIn the spirit of giving, here are some print-size images for you guys to download and color! These are imperfect scans of six pages from the Horrors; I figured a lot of folks have bought the book and many more would probably love to just color in a few pages.  Click any image to find a full-sized version for printing.

(although you’re missing out on 22 other creatures, and the text that goes with them all!You can get the full book here if you’d like the complete experience.) Enjoy, and feel free to share!

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weeping willow doll.

Posted by resonanteye on 12/17/2014


ink, watercolor, wash. wicked creepy doll with weeping willow. you can find it among my originals & prints here

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book signing and coloring contest!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/30/2014

We had a good time, two prizes were won, and all these pages got colored!
You can still pick up the book in person at Laughing Buddha, or you can order one online here.

Thanks to my instafriend Jon and his sweet lady for being so awesome that they won the prizes, and to everyone else who sat and colored with me! xox

Here are some photos from the night, and some pictures people have colored from the book itself.
(the jackalope? he’s in the second expanded edition, just you wait)

10644810_10152498668937712_6059654861539954405_n 10347774_10152498668412712_2133600093353073809_n 10612756_10152498667767712_7935412508437463388_n (1) 10422280_10152498668187712_1159083977089234305_n

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Signing party for the Horrors, the night before Halloween!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/05/2014

We are having a book signing party at Laughing Buddha, at 8pm the night before Halloween!

I will bring some good coloring pencils for people who pick up a book!

And I will bring my wrist brace for the morning after.

10424313_10152658803248416_6244479501374841373_n If you’ve already got the book, come by anyway! Let me see what you’ve colored!

Here is a link to the facebook event, feel free to share it!  If you’re not in Seattle for Halloween, you can still buy a signed edition here. But if you ARE in Seattle, come to the signing party and pick one up! There will be a prize for the best coloring job, and a prize for the funniest as well.

We will have some printed pages for broke folks to color in and take home, and candy.

Here are some of the awesome colorings-in people have sent me so far! I’ll add more as more people send me photos!

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jinny’s chapter, an excerpt.

Posted by resonanteye on 09/26/2014

jinny greenteeth

jinny greenteeth

excerpt from chapter 12 of the horrors.


Jinny Greenteeth is considered a dark sidhe, a wicked fairy. Alternately some believe she is the ghost of a woman murdered in the bog. She’s attractive at first, luring you in. Then she will grab you, hold you tight, and pull you under. Then she devours you.
She may pretend to be a drowning woman, in order to get you into the water- or a beautiful nude woman, swimming, enticing you. She haunts rivers, ponds, and bogs. Some say she is a terrestrial mermaid, cut off from the ocean and forced to stay in freshwater.
The only way to escape her is to look away and not allow her to touch you. Once she’s touched you, like weeds, she will wrap around you and bring you under the surface.

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The Krasue: page 6 of The Horrors.

Posted by resonanteye on 09/24/2014



The krasue is a Thai monster, which feeds on entrails, fetuses, placenta, and babies. It’s considered very dangerous to pregnant women, and people put thorny branches around the house to keep it away when someone in the home gets pregnant. It glows red (as seen in this video) and floats. The krasue lives as a normal person during the day- but at night, its head and entrails separate from its body, which it leaves hidden away from view. It must go back to its body by daylight and reattach itself.

The krasue is Thai, but similar beings are known throughout southeast Asia. In all cases, it eats fetuses right out of the womb, and if it can’t find that, it eats animals’ guts or feces. If you leave clothing out overnight to dry, it will wipe its mouth on them, leaving slime, blood, and gore behind. Some say the krasue is a witch, who cast the wrong incantations and was cursed. Others think it is a woman who killed someone in a previous lifetime, or who had an abortion, or even an older woman jealous that she can no longer get pregnant. Still others believe it to be a ghost or supernatural creature, not human at all.

In the image, a krasue has just succeeded in stealing a fetus from a pregnant woman, and flies off, triumphant, to eat it.


(All this and more about the krasue, in my book!)

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The Horrors, page 14: The Ilomba

Posted by resonanteye on 09/23/2014




Ilomba is a sea snake with destructive powers in the mythology of the Lozi people of Zambia. It is provided by a witch doctor. Usually it is fed with eggs and porridge in the morning. It takes on the identity of the person that owns it. If it is killed, the owner feels the pain, and then dies. If the owner dies, it dies. The only way it can be destroyed is through the witch doctor.


 It appears as a regular seasnake to normal people but on the desired target it has the head of it’s creator. …The eyes of the Ilomba paralyses the victim with fear and bites it sucking the blood and devouring its soul that makes the Ilomba double in size. The sorcerer or witchdoctor collects these souls to use as zombies.


The ilomba comes from Zambia, but is known here and there throughout Africa. It looks like a normal snake to most people. Only its victim sees its true nature. It’s made by a sorceror, whose face it will have when it attacks. It not only sucks the blood from its victim, but also their soul.

In this image a woman walks through a group of snakes, one of which is the ilomba. The fact that snakes are common in Zambia makes this tale all the more frightening- at any time you could be right next to one of these creatures and not even know it. Like many other monsters in mythology, it hides in plain sight. The ilomba may be created by a sorceror, but it is not ruled by one. The person who makes an ilomba must feed it, by directing it to other people to devour them. Without blood or souls, the ilomba turns on its creator, killing them both. And if an Ilomba is killed, its creator also dies.

(All this and more about the ilomba, in my book!)

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halloween and horror arts.

Posted by resonanteye on 09/22/2014

I make a lot of creepy things.




il_170x135.324889630 shy owl EPSON MFP image shirts wpid-IMG_20131002_174925.jpg turtle springmorning

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Posting some skull mount images!

Posted by resonanteye on 09/22/2014


fox skull mount

listing a few photographs of my work as prints here, along with other creepy things.

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