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jinny’s chapter, an excerpt.

Posted by Anj Marth on 03/26/2014

jinny greenteeth

jinny greenteeth

excerpt from chapter 12 of the horrors.


Jinny Greenteeth is considered a dark sidhe, a wicked fairy. Alternately some believe she is the ghost of a woman murdered in the bog. She’s attractive at first, luring you in. Then she will grab you, hold you tight, and pull you under. Then she devours you.
She may pretend to be a drowning woman, in order to get you into the water- or a beautiful nude woman, swimming, enticing you. She haunts rivers, ponds, and bogs. Some say she is a terrestrial mermaid, cut off from the ocean and forced to stay in freshwater.
The only way to escape her is to look away and not allow her to touch you. Once she’s touched you, like weeds, she will wrap around you and bring you under the surface.

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some new monsters for The Horrors!

Posted by Anj Marth on 02/23/2014

tamamo no mae

tamamo no mae


available in pre-order.

Individual 5×7″ prints available via the print shop

Large-scale prints available via this link rightchere

Digital downloads of individual pages available at the etsy shop.

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Ninjas and editors all up in my monsters!

Posted by Anj Marth on 02/12/2014

smallbansheeI have chosen to go with http://www.printninja.com/, both because of their excellent and helpful customer service, and also because of the quality of the samples they sent me. I colored all over that shit, even used watercolor- and the paper can take it! it may buckle if you soak a large area, but it’ll soak it up, and hold up to water media, marker, and pencil as well as crayon. So you guys can color however the hell you like!

I’m rolling along with finishing the inking of the artwork, should have more pictures for you guys on friday I think- and the text is all but finished now. I’ll be sending that to my favorite editor, http://modifiededitingservices.com/ - she’s a gigantic horror fan, mostly of Poe and the older guys- so she will know how to keep the creep, but toss the dross.

The printer has been paid- and I have enough left for all the shipping to the backers. I feel that I am ahead so far, financially. I had one of the larger backers cancel payment due to an emergency of their own, so I came out short of my goal even though the total went well above it. I’m hoping to have enough left after shipping, to pay for promotion as well- but we’ll see how it goes.

You can pre-order here, to get this super-dope first edition. There will only be one run in this quality, and I am ordering a short print run of it, so if you want the nice version you should probably get one before they run out. People who backed my kickstarter will get some additional awesomeness (signed and doodled-in books, extra prints) but ordering via paypal just gets you the book, plain and simple.

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The Horrors is in pre-order, and some digital downloads of creatures!

Posted by Anj Marth on 02/03/2014

Many of the pages are available as digital downloads for printing, at this link.  5×7″ prints of individual monsters can be gotten here. and 11×14″ prints can be found here.

The book itself can be pre-ordered by clicking right here.


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The Horrors, page 14: The Ilomba

Posted by Anj Marth on 12/19/2013




Ilomba is a sea snake with destructive powers in the mythology of the Lozi people of Zambia. It is provided by a witch doctor. Usually it is fed with eggs and porridge in the morning. It takes on the identity of the person that owns it. If it is killed, the owner feels the pain, and then dies. If the owner dies, it dies. The only way it can be destroyed is through the witch doctor.


 It appears as a regular seasnake to normal people but on the desired target it has the head of it’s creator. …The eyes of the Ilomba paralyses the victim with fear and bites it sucking the blood and devouring its soul that makes the Ilomba double in size. The sorcerer or witchdoctor collects these souls to use as zombies.


The ilomba comes from Zambia, but is known here and there throughout Africa. It looks like a normal snake to most people. Only its victim sees its true nature. It’s made by a sorceror, whose face it will have when it attacks. It not only sucks the blood from its victim, but also their soul.

In this image a woman walks through a group of snakes, one of which is the ilomba. The fact that snakes are common in Zambia makes this tale all the more frightening- at any time you could be right next to one of these creatures and not even know it. Like many other monsters in mythology, it hides in plain sight. The ilomba may be created by a sorceror, but it is not ruled by one. The person who makes an ilomba must feed it, by directing it to other people to devour them. Without blood or souls, the ilomba turns on its creator, killing them both. And if an Ilomba is killed, its creator also dies.

(All this and more about the ilomba, in my book that’s on kickstarter right now!)

Coming up soon, also in the book: Boo Hag, Tokoloshe, Chupacabra, Ebu Gogo, Näkki, Alkonost, Bean sí, Black Shuck, Pricolici, Goatman, Naga, Shen, Baku, Rompo, Sasquatch, La Llorona, Krasue, Bunyip, Taniwha, Ningen, Al-mi’raj.

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The Krasue: page 6 of The Horrors.

Posted by Anj Marth on 12/16/2013



The krasue is a Thai monster, which feeds on entrails, fetuses, placenta, and babies. It’s considered very dangerous to pregnant women, and people put thorny branches around the house to keep it away when someone in the home gets pregnant. It glows red (as seen in this video) and floats. The krasue lives as a normal person during the day- but at night, its head and entrails separate from its body, which it leaves hidden away from view. It must go back to its body by daylight and reattach itself.

The krasue is Thai, but similar beings are known throughout southeast Asia. In all cases, it eats fetuses right out of the womb, and if it can’t find that, it eats animals’ guts or feces. If you leave clothing out overnight to dry, it will wipe its mouth on them, leaving slime, blood, and gore behind. Some say the krasue is a witch, who cast the wrong incantations and was cursed. Others think it is a woman who killed someone in a previous lifetime, or who had an abortion, or even an older woman jealous that she can no longer get pregnant. Still others believe it to be a ghost or supernatural creature, not human at all.

In the image, a krasue has just succeeded in stealing a fetus from a pregnant woman, and flies off, triumphant, to eat it.


(All this and more about the krasue, in my book that’s on kickstarter right now!)

Coming up soon, also in the book: Boo Hag, Tokoloshe, Chupacabra, Ebu Gogo, Näkki, Alkonost, Bean sí, Black Shuck, Pricolici, Goatman, Naga, Shen, Baku, Rompo, Sasquatch, La Llorona, Krasue, Bunyip, Taniwha, Ningen, Al-mi’raj.

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The Horrors!

Posted by Anj Marth on 12/13/2013

coloring book, horrorThe Horrors is a frightening collection of cryptids, monsters, and ghosts from around the world, drawn in crisp black ink, ready for you to color! I started collecting ideas for creatures to draw about a year ago, and thanks to a large group of people who enjoy the paranormal and the weird, I had a long list of possible monsters to whittle down!  After finishing ten of the sketches in pen and ink, I decided to expand the horror art into a book. For each of the 30 nightmares, there is a short story explaining their origins and history.

I may be a strong skeptic, but there is something I love about these monsters. Anything horrifying, that goes bump in the night, intrigues me and makes me happy.

There are no franchised TV or movie monsters in this book; only myth, folklore, ghosts, and cryptids that exist outside the universe of fiction.

Check it out, sponsor me and if you can’t sponsor, share the link! People who back the project get the book, colored versions of the art, and more!

Here’s the link to the project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1390602110/the-horrors-coloring-book-of-cryptids-ghosts-and-m

And here are a few of the illustrations included in the book (there are thirty.)

I’ll post a full list of the monsters for backers on the ks site as we get closer to print!

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halloween and horror arts.

Posted by Anj Marth on 10/19/2013

I make a lot of creepy things.




il_170x135.324889630 shy owl EPSON MFP image shirts wpid-IMG_20131002_174925.jpg turtle springmorning

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snapping turtle.

Posted by Anj Marth on 10/15/2013


prints are here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/resonanteye/works/10969893-swamp-hag-snpping-turtle-in-the-night

original is for sale here: https://squareup.com/market/anji-marth/swamp-hag

pen and ink on hotpress paper. he’s about 8×12″.


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