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hand-painting prints

Posted by resonanteye on 08/11/2014

Sometimes I feel like just making prints of a painting isn’t enough.

I feel like- man when I buy stuff, I buy prints because I like the artist but can’t afford a bigger piece- but I always feel like it’s not as good as an original. So I end up kind of going halfway sometimes, and painting over a print of my own work.

I’ll do the painting first.

I did this in watercolor and colored pencil on plain tinted paper,then painted over the prints with blood and white highlights.

If you plan to try this, make sure your original art has decent contrast and a solid area or three where detail or added color would add, rather than detract, from it.

further instructions after the break:



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How you can help me. and other medical nonsense!

Posted by resonanteye on 07/12/2014

If you follow my site or know me personally, you know I have been through some medical hell the past ten months or so.

TMI after the break.

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Posted by resonanteye on 06/23/2014

totemsThree new calendars available. Nicely enough, you can pick your own starting month for these!

Totem animals, serial killer portraits, and tattoo flash calendars up now.

On a more personal note, I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed later this summer (Thanks Obama! Seriously!) and I will post throughout, about that experience.

I’ll tag those all “medicine” and “personal” in case you want to avoid them. I have serious, long-standing dental phobia as well as never having had the money or coverage to get them removed. So this is a HUGE step for me.

I went in and had my teeth cleaned, and only had a few cavities after twenty or thirty years of no dentistry, so that was pretty amazing.




Anyone with serious dental issues, you’re not alone. It’s embarrassing as hell but if you find a good dentist they wont judge you. The place I went, they were kind as hell about everything, very gentle, and sweet,


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serial killer portraits, originals.

Posted by resonanteye on 01/24/2014

Here we go, the full list (so far) of originals and prints for all my serial killer portraits. Click the image to see it bigger- and here’s a link to prints of these, Please go buy one there, as I am no longer producing handmade prints of this series. For originals, which I do have available, please email me. 

I started working on these because I have an inordinate fondness for true crime books, movies. Because I love gory things, horrorful stuff, and always find it fascinating that some people behave this way. (here’s an interview crimelibrary did with me, which explains a bit further.)

I also remember what Richard Chase said- that he didn’t choose his victims, he just tried doors until he found one open- because if it was locked he wasn’t welcome there. I think that sums up a lot of the phenomenon. Serial killers, sociopaths, they exploit our human weaknesses, and yet they don’t see others as human. It’s very interesting to me, the way watching predators on nature shows is interesting to me.

The first set of these I did are cannibal killers- the second set, which I am still working on (and which starts with Gacy, Martha Wise, and Albert Fish) are parental figures who were also serial killers. That set will be pretty big, as a lot of serial killers were parents, and upstanding citizens by their neighbors and friends. I plan to work with images of necrophiles after that, such as Gein, Bundy. That set should actually include Kemper, but I liked his story so much I worked on him already. Click through to see the rest of the collection so far! Read the rest of this entry »

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New rose tattoo and spinster shirts!

Posted by resonanteye on 12/27/2013

sppI have been ill, so I haven’t been the usual powerhouse of prolificity (is that a word?). Instead, I have been nursing my belly, and resting. I had a good solstice and as I write this, tomorrow is xmas eve.

The days before solstice I finished up a commission (which I’ll be posting soon) of a magpie with some roses, which was incredibly fun. I did it for a friend of mine, a supporter. She’s rad. I also did some sketches of seasonal hare paintings, which will be my main project in early January. And the rest of the time? When I felt well enough, I got caught up with making shirt designs.

A few people have asked me, so I thought I’d make sure you knew, you can order these in any size, any color- a few are even in kid’s sizes too. Just look to the right on the listing page, and use the little chart and dropdown to choose. Under each image there, you can see options like kid’s sizes, hoodies, or shirt style as well.

Here are the shirts I’ve been working on from my own art…

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holiday cards of all kinds.

Posted by resonanteye on 12/07/2013


except in my house it’s solstice. hawkins has a huge box of ancient holiday cards, spanning from birthdays to halloween and every other holiday you can think of.

I’ve raided this pile to make my own holiday cards. most of the ones he has are pretty sappy, glurgey pictures of kittens laying on puppies and babies, twinkly reindeer and hearty santas with smiling children.

I can’t resist. I used a white matte paint marker, a calligraphy brush and ink, and a gel pen with glittery black ink to rework the cards, every last one of them.

I have never sent out cards before, it’s a new thing this year. I’m not sure why this year of all years but there you have it.

If you click through to read more, after the card pictures, there’s a pile of all the new stuff that I’ve been posting since last round of new-things-for-sale! I think anything you all order before the tenth is definitely going to get to you all on time, and I have a feeling that gifts you order up until the fifteenth have a good chance of making it as well. After that…well shit man, you need to buy presents early if you’re a present-buying person.

CAM03249CAM03243 CAM03251

new things after the jump.

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discount on tshirts, today only!

Posted by resonanteye on 12/02/2013

redshirt paradoxUntil midnight, use the discount code CYBERRB to get 20% off.

it’s valid on all the redbubble shirts.

My art shirts here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/resonanteye/collections/182793-shirts

and graphic/text shirts here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/bristlybits/portfolio

get em while they’re hot!

(photo from halloween, eugene oregon)

octopus t-shirt

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animal totem series, update.

Posted by resonanteye on 11/24/2013

lolololThis series is ongoing; it may never end. You can find prints of most of these here, I’ll add more as I go along.

When I was a kid, I had the complete set of Wildlife Treasury animal cards. Complete set. I would spend hours looking at them, and reading about every animal. I memorized them, I stuffed my brain with trivial facts about each creature. I wished there were more animals, so that I could have more cards.

I think this series is my attempt, as an adult, to recapture that interest. To reconnect to the details of every animal and how they live. I’d love to do this series as a card set eventually, and maybe, when I get up to about fifty animals, I will start planning that. For now this series continues as I add animals I particularly like or connect with.

The geometry behind each animal is meant to represent the place they live, or their personality, or both. For example, the walrus lives in a place where meat is the only food, pretty much- hence the red backdrop. I felt that walrusses are very much a bloody animal- I mean, when they warm up, as they exit the icy waters, their bodies become pink from the flush of blood to their skins. This influenced my choice of color. Their personality, their spirit, seems very radiant to me, very warm- despite the cold climate they prefer. The shapes behind them are meant to convey this warmth and radiance.

Each of these animals has a backdrop which symbolizes some aspect of their lives; each may also have minor added detail to show other things which affect them, like the white bird on the hippo’s head, or the bubbles around the octopus.

I used handmade paper for these, very well-smoothed, then tinted with watercolor and ink. Then I drew the animal in colored pencil. The geometric shapes were planned with the assistance of a kaleidoscope, a spirograph, several french curves and just plain old eyeballing the shapes for clarity. None are precisely symmetrical or perfect- but living things never are, are they?

Some of the originals are still available as well, email me for more information (resonanteye at gmail dot com)

brynoooowl hippolisting listingpic

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snapping turtle.

Posted by resonanteye on 10/15/2013


prints are here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/resonanteye/works/10969893-swamp-hag-snpping-turtle-in-the-night

original is for sale here: https://squareup.com/market/anji-marth/swamp-hag

pen and ink on hotpress paper. he’s about 8×12″.


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