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the_hillside_stranglers__crime_scene_by_resonanteye-d4oypum » the_hillside_stranglers__crime_scene_by_resonanteye-d4oypum


3 Responses to “the_hillside_stranglers__crime_scene_by_resonanteye-d4oypum”

  1. This was painted from crime scene photographs, taken quite a few decades ago. It’s an actual crime that occurred, Bianchi, better known as the Hillside Strangler, murdered enough people to be a terrifying figure at that time, before he was finally caught.

    As an artist, I seek out intensity in imagery at times, as much as “prettiness”. To me, even a horrid sight has a rhythm, or a balance, that can be explored. I don’t take any offense- it IS a horrific image, and pretty unpleasant. I found it challenging to work with.


  2. Heather B. said

    I enjoy art. All different avenues and aspects of art. I have been studying this piece and wonder what the purpose is to draw/paint this sort of picture? What message
    was intended for the viewer? I am dismayed and slightly disgusted. I know of no one who would purchase this piece, frame it and hang it one the wall for conversation. It’s an honest question without intention of offending the artist.


    • It was one of the first crime scenes I ever saw photos of online back in the 90s, and it just affected me more than any images since. And I do look at some disturbing images, gory stuff, but the violence against the woman in those images really shook me at the time.


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